Sustainability & Environmental Responsibility

Polar Beverages Drive for Sustainability and Environmental Responsibility


Consumer insights – environment is becoming top of mind with consumers


IRI study – “Sustainability is an emerging key to product and store selection”

  • One fifth of U.S. consumers are “sustainability-driven” in their product and store selection
  • Approximately 30% of consumers look for eco-friendly products and packaging in brand selection   




Sustainable Manufacturing is:

  • Beneficial, safe and healthy
  • Meets market criteria for performance and cost
  • Manufactured using low energy production technologies
  • Sourced from renewable and recyclable materials
  • Made from materials healthy in all probable end of life scenarios
  • Focus on water usage reduction in all facets



Polar’s sustainable strategy is based on balance — Economics, Social & Environmental

A strategy that is championed by our senior leaders

  • Focus on creating lower cost packaging that will positively impact Sustainability levels.
  • Reduce Energy use through technology
  • Reduce Water Usage through Technology and Innovation
  • Increase Recycling Efforts and Minimize Landfill use
  • Provide Healthy alternatives in all channels
  • Improve Consumer awareness of Polar’s efforts

Polar Remains Committed to Minimizing Raw Materials all of which are 100% Recyclable

  • Lead industry by transitioning to Fridge-style packaging on 12 packs with no secondary tray or film eliminating 31% of potential wasted material
  • Redesigned Polycarbonate, returnable bottle saving 10% in material while doubling effective life of the bottle
  • Industry leader in utilizing returnable shells versus corrugated in Private Label manufacturing
  • 7% reduction in PET material with advent of new finish and cap in 2011


Polar has reduced per unit energy usage by over 40% in the past 6 years with prudent capital investment

  • Retrofitted 80% of motors and pumps to soft start, variable frequency drives ($245K)
  • Installation of new lighter weight, low energy Can Line Filler ($400K)
  • Installation of state of the art Air Compressors ($350K)
  • Installation of 100% Unloading Ammonia Compressors ($275K)
  • Installation of motion activated T-5/T-8 lighting ($85K)
  • Installing a 1.3 Megawatt Solar Array in 2012
  • Installation of 5 Direct-fire Armstrong Heaters resulting in a 36.5 % reduction in Greenhouse gases


Polar has reduced water usage by over 75,000 gallons per day with the goal of another 50,000 gallons per day over the next 12 months

  • Installation of a back wash water recovery system minimizing usage and effluent discharge
  • Installed Ionized Air Rinsers which will eliminate the need for water rinsing resulting in a reduction of over   gallons of water usage per year.
  • Annual audit of all points of use for water in the plant


Polar has reduced miles driven on our highways by over 3.5 million miles over the past 3 years

  • Consolidation of facilities and routing on our delivery system through effective use of Roadnet Software solutions
  • Conversion from Spring Water to Purified Water after the installation of a 1.1 million dollar Reverse Osmosis Purification System
  • Effectively managing our strategic retail partners distribution needs by co-mingling Private Label Deliveries with Polar Deliveries in accounts/points of distribution where it makes sense
  • Conversion of 20 Liter Spring Water line to Purified Water thus eliminating the need to haul spring water from NH


Polar has increased recycling ten fold while reducing land fill input by 71%

  • In house recycling of all products and raw material has resulted in recycling growing from 100,000 lbs to in 2003 to in excess of 1,600,000 lbs in 2011 to over 2,000,000 in 2012
  • Expanded recycling efforts have decreased tonnage of material for the landfill from in excess of 872,000 lbs to 246,000 lbs.
  • Recycling of all metals has increased 80%
  • $400,000 capital investment in various recycling and energy efficient projects.


Polar is a leader in healthy alternatives in the Beverage segment

  • Sodium/Calorie/Caffeine Free Seltzer Portfolio
  • 100% All Natural Fruit A-Peel Sparkling Beverages
  • Nantucket Nectar Juice and Snapple Tea’s
  • The Polar Line Up of Caffeine and Sodium Free Carbonated Soft Drinks