Polar Spring WaterAll of the springs, which Polar uses are free flowing, and require no pump of any kind to draw the water. All the water flows from the ground in its natural force to the surface where it is then drawn into a sheltered housing unit that protects it. The water is then run into 8000-gallon stainless steel tanks where it is collected to be stored for delivery to our manufacturing plant. The water is slightly ozonated or UV light to insure quality water with no bacteria upon arrival to our Worcester manufacturing plant.

At the plant, the tankers are sampled for bacteria and coliform and unloaded into designated tanks. The water is pumped through ultra violet light and passed through a filter for any sand or other particles that may be present then placed into an ozone contact tank for additional ozonation of any bacteria.

All Polar Natural Spring Water products are State certified and laboratory tested on a regular basis. Polar Natural Spring Water is tested by the following laboratories: ELAB, Inc, Northeast Laboratory Services, MWH Laboratories, Pace Analytical Services, Inc., Severn Trent Laboratories, Hazen Research Inc..

Polar Beverages has been in the business of producing and distributing quality Spring Water products for over 100 years. We have recently added a new product…Polar Arctic Purified Water. The reasons we are introducing this product are:

·        Polar has recently made a multi-million dollar investment that enables us to produce Reverse Osmosis Purified Water that will be 99.99% pure!

·        Recent political and environmental issues have made Spring Water a highly controversial issue with the possibilities of rapid price increases and quality concerns

·        Polar is striving to be the “greenest” company possible and this conversion will eliminate in excess of 400,000 miles of tanker trucking on our Northeast roadways.

·        From a local civic responsibility, Polar will be utilizing over 17 million gallons of water that will aid the local municipality in the operation of their systems.

·        Polar can ensure the highest quality product to our consumers. The elimination of the spring water also eliminates many bacteria, mold and other items commonly found in a spring water product.

·        Polar will have the capability of joining the trend of the fastest growing portion of the nation’s total water business as it uses the same process as many of our competitors.

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Spring Water

The standards for Spring Water are set by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), and have been agreed upon, and improved upon by the International Bottled Water Association (IBWA). Polar Beverages is a proud and fully compliant member of the IBWA.

The definition of spring water is described within the regulations of the various agencies mentioned above. All of the springs approved by Polar are fully compliant with all parts of the regulations. Spring Water is basically ground water that naturally rises to the earth’s surface. That water is “free-flowing” and is not “drilled-for” nor is it part of any run-off from other areas. That water is lightly filtered and treated with Ozone and UV Light to ensure the elimination of bacteriological issues however the natural salts and minerals are still present in the final product. This water is then loaded on Water-approved tankers for delivery to the Polar facility and stored in double-walled silos.

Arctic Purified Water

Purified water comes from the municipality of Worcester and is treated through a process known as Reverse-Osmosis. The $1.25 million dollar Siemens’s system that we operate contains 48 semi-permeable membranes that filter the incoming water down to the molecular level. Leaving only Oxygen and Hydrogen molecules. The water is 99.83% free of any other molecules and is almost as pure as distilled water. There are no salts, minerals, flora or bacteria of any kind in purified water.


All of water is tested through IBWA certified laboratories on a regular basis. These tests include but are not limited to:

  1. Daily Total Count and Coliform
  2. Weekly Micros
  3. Monthly Tests for Bromate
  4. Quarterly tests for THM’s and Full panel micros
  5. Annually for full analyticals on source water and finished product.

We will also routinely test any product that we receive any consumer complaints. We are proud to say that we have one of the lowest consumer complaint indices in the country and that we respond to every consumer comment personally.

The Decision

Polar Beverage’s decision to move to a purified product for the majority of our business was fourfold in reasoning:

  1. The Company has embraced all environmentally friendly approaches to our processes. The move to Arctic eliminated the need to truck over 2000 truckloads of spring water driving in excess of 500,000 miles of greenhouse emissions.
  2. Our customer surveys have shown that there is little distinction in the preference for large format water. The customer desires a clean, clear, and consistent product that does not impart taste or odor to whatever process they are using it for or for their individual consumption.
  3. Spring Water remains a “living” organism. By the definition of what we are allowed to do from a filtration and processing standpoint, Spring Water still has microscopic living organisms and of course the salts and minerals. Ultimately, there is more opportunity for spoilage (especially alga) in a spring Water product.

Our Standards Are The Highest

Polar Natural Spring Water exceeds all State and Federal requirements and our standards of quality are among the highest in the industry.

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